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Glad for the great rains in NC and GA winter of 2007-2008!

We have always stopped digging and shipping for the summer on July 1. This year it has gotten very hot and dry early. I worked on a new tree farm in NC last weekend in NC, the news down there says if they don't get rain by end of May(2 more days) it will be the driest since 1977.
My NC tree farm is accepting work orders and deposits, when the tropical storms start coming up the coast, they will bring the rain we need, and the people we already have signed work orders and deposits for will get deliveries. We will have about 4 or maybe 5 days to dig after that. We run about three tractor trailers, and they are gone at least two days to make one Long Island drop.
June is it this spring, the tropical depressions and hurricanes coming up the coastline will bring some rain. If you want to order trees this spring, please get me the details, your full name, contact info, exact delivery address and fax number so I can get you a work order and get your deposit and signed work order back in my posession. I won't be able (or willing) to scramble  around when a storm comes and get your order in front of others. I won't even deposit your check until we get rain and agree on a delivery date. 
Thanks for your understanding, David

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