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Watterson Tree Farm supports Ukraine Orphans.

UAC'S Ukrainian Program currently serves thousands of orphaned and displaced children in the Odessa region. We provide aid to children in more than twenty separate institutions. We offer a wide range of direct services including nutrition, primary healthcare, psychological counseling, and educational programs for both staff and children.  Please join us in our continuing effort to relieve the pain and suffering of these needy children half a world away. You can make a difference!

The economic reality faced by a 17 year old being released from an orphanage is bleak. What do they do? Without help, the scenario is scary. Options include prostitution, crime, drug abuse and suicide. With no family or stable support system, they have little hope. Our Scholarship Program is designed to prepare the teenage orphans for higher education and life management in the outside world.  Learn how you can sponsor a teen today!

We sponsored Anna, many more need sponsors
She has graduated from college in the Ukraine! She is also now married and has a beautiful daughter!

Sponsoring a teen costs $57 per month, or $684 per year

Any farm fencing, no chain link!