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Special considerations for Long Island customers-
  • local tree planting landscapers
  • tree varieties
  • extended tree planting season
  • sharing freight  and ordering lead time


News flash !  We are taking orders now for Leylands, Thuja Green , Norway Spruce and Yoshino Cryptomeria for spring. Freight to long Island from GA is 4500$, freight from western NC is 4000$, freight from SC is 4000$, freight  from eastern NC is 3000$

Leyland Cypress in Hamptons April 2014
Leyland Cypress happy customer Long Island

Long Island tree orders are special to me. I have a few drivers that I request when we schedule a load to Long Island, they know their way around the island and my customers always comment how they liked the trees and the drivers!. I appreciate the local landscapers that we work with, too. Reliable people make things happen. I am always the contact person for Long Island, New York and New Jersey shipments, I know when the truck gets loaded, leaves Raleigh or GA and arrives at Long Island. I also want to talk with who-ever is unloading the truck at each stop a few days before the shipment.
Local Landscapers- My sons and I got to plant in Long Island(Jericho and Oyster bay) a few years ago, awesome experience! We have too much local business planting to make the trip anymore. Since then I have shipped wholesale trees direct to Long Island and mainland New York and New Jersey and have developed some contacts with good local landscapers. When you order trees from us, I will be glad to recommend local landscapers close to you. My wife and I fly up a few times a year to see some big projects and visit our repeat customers. There are landscapers I recommend, and I like  to see their work and follow up on their jobs.
Varieties- All the varieties I selected to market are good from southeastern US up to Long Island(zone 6a), except for a few varieties Hollies. Trees like Sunset Red Maples, October Glory Maples, Leyland Cypress, American or Nellie Stevens Hollies, River Birch, and Crepe Myrtles in Red, Pink, Lavendar, and White, Zelkova, Thuja x 'Green Giant' Arborvitae(deer-restistant)and many other varieties all grow well in Long Island. If you are in Mainland New ork or points north of there, lets be sure the trees you select will grow properly there. The best resourse is you-do you see Leyland Cypress for example growing in your area? Obviously if you do, they are fine there. If you are near the edge of a trees growing zone, it could mean that spring planting is more important, so they will be established before winter.
Extended Spring Season-Due to the cooler spring, Long Island customers can plant all trees like Leyland Cypress into June.
Fall Planting - is shortened for Leyland Cypress that don't go dormant in the winter. We don't recommend planting Leyland Cypress after Oct 15 from Virginia and north of there. We plant  up to October 15th every fall with good success.
Last winter we planted 147 ten gallon Leylands in Richmond, VA on Jan 9, 2009. Container plants are more forgiving if you have to plant late.
Sharing Freight  and Ordering Lead time -  Many Long Island orders we get are where 1 customer gets a full load of trees, Those take a little less co-ordination. Other loads are shared by two customers in Long Island. If you want to order less than a full tractor trailer load, the sooner I get your order the sooner I can match you up with other Long Island, New york, or New Jersey customers so you get the best price on your freight. I don't "mark up" freight 1 cent. We subsidise freight on orders from GA. Freight to long Island from GA is 4500$, freight from western NC is 3500$, freight from SC is 3500$, freight  from eastern NC is 3000$ When you add only freight to NC wholesale prices, you have the best tree prices and quality delivered to your door. See prices tab for availability.

Email treefarmnc@yahoo.com

We ship Leylands and Thuja through the summer. We dig one day, keep the trees under irrigation until they are loaded on the truck(usually the follwing day), and we have the driver haul at night, trees arrive wet and fresh the next morning. email us or call 240-498-8054 We take phone orders anytime and weekends ok.

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